Introducing the FGXPRESS™ Global Ecommerce Business

The FGXpress Global Business

FGXPress™ A Global E-Biz

The FGXPress™ global ecommerce business is truly an innovative business combining the reach of the internet and the tested power of word-of-mouth business model. Without doubt, the best person to promote the products is a satisfied customer. In the present era of sharing, sharing an awesome product may be another source of income

Three awesome products for the pain, beauty and heath supplement industries in greeting-card format.

Three Awesome Products

With 3 amazingly effective products done with cutting-edge technologies and ready to ship to 200 plus countries can only be described as "Awesome" opportunity for every smart business-minded individual. Together with the online platform allow ordinary people to create another stream of income online. Let's share this special opportunity!

A Hybrid Compensation Plan provides faster earning of income from the efforts put into the business

The Unique Hybrid Plan

FGXpress™ has brought together the best of unilevel and binary compensation plans of the direct sales industry. Making an important contribution to the industry, with the breakthrough concept: The X-Tribe. This plan is so simple, it can be explained on a napkin. Done correctly, it could be a no overheads and no headaches' "BIG" busness.

Well Thought Out Global Ecommerce Business For Ordinary Folks

A Teamwork Business

With the FGXPress™ global ecommerce opportunity, you are not alone, you have the full support of the company Forever Green, your team partners and the power of the internet. All these will help you to do this business, have fun and still able to keep your job. What is more important is to learn and one day own a 'BIG' business without overheads and headaches!

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Why Join FGXPress™

Products can reach 212 countries in envelopes the size of greeting cards with one listed with the FDA as a class 1 medical device.

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Truth About The Business

Watch this Youtube video to get a better understanding of the powerful word-of-mouth business model. And you may find all the answers you need!

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The Compenstion Plan

A very unique compensation plan to reward those who are prepare to work with FGXpress™ full-time, part-time or all of the time.

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What's For You

Watch this Youtude video to know what do you get when you decide to explore the FGXpress™ business. There is no need to quit your job.

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