The FGXpress™ Beautystrips™ System


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Beautystrip Pack

Beautystrips™ Pack

BeautyStrips™ Pack measures 230mm length by 140mm width (folded)could be sent worldwide in an envelope...

Beautystrip System

Beautystrips™ the system

The Beautystrips™ System comes with a kelp mask (in the center pocket) and 2 strips of 7 sachets of serums. Total 14 serums...

The Beautystrips mask

The Beautystrips kelp mask

The mask consists of two separate portion, made from naturally sourced seaweed, which goes through a 1,300 hour process of care...

Beautystrips Serum

The Beautystrips Serum

Cutting-edge ingredients like Telagenex-5™ (Cycloastragenol), Peptide Blend, Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Hip oil...

Beautystrip Serum Ingredients

Beautystrips™ Ingredients

Purified water, Telagenex-5™(cycloastragenol, coconut oil), Plant Glycerin, Peptide Blend (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Dextran ...

Beautystrips Testimonial

Beautystrips™ Testimonials

Beautystrips™ users around the world are reporting incredible results after short period of use. Results may differ among individuals...

Mary Fields amazing result with Beautystrips System

More Testimonials

The is the amazing result by Mary Fields after using Beautystrips™. She also shows how to use it on a Youtube video

Becky Maes M.D

Watch and listen to Dr Becky on Beautystrips™, More video on Youtude

The BeautyStrips™ System

Introducing the BeautyStrips™ System of FGXpress™. The BeautyStrips™ System has been specifically formulated to work at the cellular level to amplify your timeless beauty and restore your skin’s naturally youthful energy. Our uniquely-designed cycloastragenol serum and naturally-sourced kelp seaweed mask combine to add a new level of luxury to your healthy skin regimen. Do a search on Google for “Cycloastragenol and Anti-aging” and perhaps you should give Fgxpress’s BeautyStrips™ System a try.

If you currently suffer from any skin condition, consult with your dermatologist or licensed healthcare professional before using the mask and serum. Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of small children. Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

The Beautystrips System Video

The FGXpress Beautystrips will be the hottest buy for men and women around the world!